Our first night…

Our 6 year anniversary was the first time we managed to get onto our new allotment. And we couldn’t think of a better way to spend it, back digging and pulling up weeds, it felt like we were back to ourselves. (We also stopped for a cheeky ice-cream on the way home, so that we could at least say we’d been out for ‘dinner’)!

It was absolutely beautiful weather last night, which is more than can be said for Tuesday night, when the heavens had decided to open just as we were setting out. So yesterday night we went to the site and got stuck in straight away. Me with the digging, Oli with the chatting to all our new neighbours.

We can definitely say we love it there already. Our new allotment neighbours are lovely and friendly and have all offered to lend us tools (which we need whilst ours are in storage, although Oli did manage to find a spade that had been left behind).

Oli and his new spade

We set ourselves a bit of a goal to get a section done by the end of the night. The soil was so easy to work with, we were so pleased when we pulling weeds and they were actually coming out, roots and all. Fingers crossed it stays like that whilst we get the plot ready to plant up with veg.

image image image


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