Another lovely evening…

Last night on the allotment started with a fly by, by what we think was a Lancaster bomber. It was pretty exciting, and started the evening off nicely.image

Once we’d finished gushing about how cool it was to see a plane that close, we got on with pulling up the weeds. We decided to follow some advise and start by pulling up anything that had flowers or seed heads, to stop them spreading their seeds over ours and everyone else’s plot.


Then we got on with some serious digging, following on from Wednesdays attempt. We’ve now got a section which we could start putting potatoes in. Although we might try and get a bit more done first so we don’t disturb what we’ve planted when we carry in digging.image

Looking forward to the weekend! We’ve got lots planned – wedding planning and weed tackling.

What have you got planned?

Emily x

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