Hedgerow Finds

A few evenings ago as we walked to our allotment we spotted something very interesting lurking in the hedge. Elderberries.

We left them where they were hoping that nobody (or no bird) would beat us to them, we needed a plan. So we had a bit of a hunt for a recipe we wanted to try and found the perfect recipe for flavoured gin. We love a nice gin and tonic, so we are pretty excited to see what this will taste like!


IMG_9504[1]    IMG_9513[1]


Once all the lovely elderberries had been removed from the stalks and rinsed (to get rid of all the little creepy crawlies) I popped them in a bottle, which turned out not to be as easy as it sounds. There were a fair few that ended up on the floor, oops. Next was the sugar, followed by the key ingredient – gin! We gave it all a good shake about, tagged it up and put it out of site until Christmas. Out of site, out of mind and all that. We will need to get it down every so often and give it a gentle shake, to make sure the sugar doesn’t just settle at the bottom.

Then this morning, I saw a lone lemon sitting on the shelf of the fridge. Poor thing looked a bit ‘bitter’ that I had forgotten to put a few bits of peel into the elderberry gin, opps. It has now been added.

Cannot wait for this to be ready to taste!

I’m already looking round for other things we can make food and drinkies out of.

Emily x



2 thoughts on “Hedgerow Finds

  1. Oh gin o’clock Emily 🙂 thanks for this post. I’m going to definitely try this! Me and Mr.B are quite partial to a G&T! Ready in time for Christmas too 🙂 how many elderberry heads should we pick? X

    1. Hi Kaz, thank you for reading my blog 🙂
      We used approx 225g of Elderberries (we had 2 fruit punnets that we filled), 115g of caster sugar, 600ml of gin and a couple of bits of lemon peel. Hope that helps 🙂
      Our gin has now gone a really deep purple, so looks like the berries and gin are mixing well. X

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