A Vole Lotta of Trouble –

Voles. How do we ask them to move off our plot?

I don’t want to hurt them, I would just really like them to pack a tiny bag and move on.

We knew we had a bunny problem when we took on the plot, and we are pretty sure they are living under our shed (how cheeky is that?!). We are planning to follow our neighbours and bunny proof sections of our plot this year. So we can have lettuce without nibbled leaves.

But our plot is also home to a family of voles! It took a while to work out what it was leaving little tunnels all over the plot and little holes next to our vegetables. It seems covering the veg  doesn’t work when they can burrow underneath. I’ve also spotted a little fury friend chomping on a runner bean plant (I had wondered why they weren’t growing)!

If i’m totally honest its not just the veg I want to protect here. Last year we accidentally dug up a vole nest whilst clearing weeds before rotavating. The little babies were everywhere, we scooped them up and hid them under the fruit bushes so that the mummy vole could find them. But now I’m super scared that I’m going to find another nest or poke a poor little vole with a fork when I’m digging over the ground.

I’ve done some research and think maybe a solar powered mole deterrent would work. Its meant to send vibrations into the ground to imitate a competitor which makes moles/voles move on. I’m not sure if it will work, but I think maybe its worth a try.

I want to try and work out what to do before we put into this years seeds in.

Has anyone else had this problem before?

Emily x

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