Good Friday –

It really has been a Good Friday…Our greenhouse made it all the way from Suffolk to Northamptonshire with all glass in tact!! (minus 2 panes that had already broken). How good is that?!

Thanks to a lot of hard work from my Mum and Dad its almost a brand new greenhouse! The old damaged pieces of wood have been replaced with new panels. The bench has been put back together, with a couple of new legs. And the door has been made to fit the door frame!



Whilst the greenhouse was being fixed in Suffolk, myself and Oli were busy putting together a base for the greenhouse to be placed on. Lets just say, it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. Slopes aren’t good for greenhouses, I would highly recommend picking a flat surface if you are planning a greenhouse in your garden 😛 IMG_0923[1]

Although it was drizzling all day, that didn’t stop us from putting it all back together in its new spot in our back garden.








I’m so please with my first greenhouse. No prizes for guessing where i’ll be for the rest of the weekend…

Happy Easter weekend everybody!

Emily x

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