Barnsdale Gardens –

A few days ago I visited Barnsdale Gardens for some inspiration for my own garden.

It was out of this world amazing. I like gardening, but this was something else. There were 39 individual gardens all within a huge garden. I could be lost in there for days wondering round woodland gardens, city gardens, kitchen gardens, Mediterranean gardens…the list goes on (luckily Oli did the map reading, so we found our way out after a few hours).

I thought I’d share a few of my photos from the day (I have taken over 100, these are just a few of my faves), I can’t wait to start working on my garden plans. There are a few areas which need improving and I think I have some ideas now 🙂

I really love the idea of these shelves with pots on. I have a blank wall which we have a picnic bench against. I think this would be quite a nice feature to sit next to. Maybe we could substitute some of the flower pots for candles?

I’m super keen to have a herb patch in our garden. It would be incredible to be able to pick fresh herbs from the garden to cook with, I’d also quite like to try drying some (not sure how easy that would be?!). I really liked this herb garden, mainly because it was just overflowing everywhere! There were several pots and a wall, but you had to hunt for them in under the plants. This was the last garden we sat in before we left, the smell was so nice that we both agreed we A) needed a herb patch immediately and B) we needed something to eat…

I’ve got so many ideas, not sure I will fit them all into our garden, but I’m going to try. I’ve already warned Oli that grass may be a thing of the past in our garden. Well, we’ve got to make space for pergolas, cobbled paving, a herb patch, a vegetable garden and overflowing cottage garden style planting. Oh, and a water feature?! I can’t wait!


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