Holiday Blues –


After a week on holiday and a few weeks of minimal allotment visits, today I paid the consequences. When I arrived on my plot with my fork and basket I felt so disheartened by the amount of weeds, I always expected to have some after holiday but looking at my plot today I felt like I had left it for a whole year!!!

I gave myself a few minutes to walk around in shock wondering where on earth to start. Then I decided to pull on my gloves and get stuck in.


I thought it would be best to start with the front of my plot, which was probably the worst part. I’m really please with todays progress, I started with pulling out the weeds and then moved on to the raspberries. I have been planning to remove my stray raspberries for a while to make movement around my plot easier as they were creating a barrier in front of the shed and hiding the rhubarb.


I’ve still got a bit more to do so I’m sure tomorrow will be super busy. But I’m feeling much more positive.


E x

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