Raised beds

This morning started rather relaxed, whilst we waited for the fog to clear a little bit I decided to draw out a plan for what I wanted to plant in each raised bed.

I’ve been reading a little bit about meter square gardening recently and although my raised beds are a little bigger I think it will be quite interesting to see if the method works for me. It’s exciting to try new ideas, I’m already loving the structure and the fact everything is neatly contained within a little grid. This also means we don’t have rows and rows of veg we can’t get through, this should help us to grow what we need and to look after the veg we grow properly.


After the fog had cleared we headed straight for the allotment, toolbox and raised beds at the ready. Whilst Oli put the beds together I dug over the area one more time (I really hope this is going make a difference to the amount of weeds later in the year!). We then leveled the area with a rake and started placing the raised beds. The transformation was amazing. They look so neat and tidy 🙂


Once they were in place we dug in a bit of manure and started marking out the grids.


Following the plan I’ve already sown sunflowers for cutting, spinach and beetroot as well as planting a few garlic cloves. Next to go in will be shallots, they are currently in the greenhouse acclimatizing before being transplanted next weekend.

imageimageimageIt feels like it’s been a really productive weekend, it feels like spring is just around the corner too. Can’t wait.


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