Old Asparagus, New Asparagus

This weekend we’ve been working on 2 new raised beds at the opposite end of our plot. Since one of the beds has been assigned to strawberries, I wanted to fill the next bed with asparagus. I’ve tried to grow asparagus in the past in a row at the front of my plot but I don’t know if its just me, I tend to lose them when they die down over winter? Which results in me either digging them up whilst I’m trying to weed, or not being able to weed to avoid knocking the tips off!

So with that in mind I wanted to grow them in a ‘safe zone’, so I know exactly where they are each year. I’ve planted each asparagus marked with a cane this time too 🙂



Whilst these settle in, I’ve sown some green manure at the same time. This is to enhance the soil with nutrients. This is an experiment so I’ve split the bed into two sections and sown two different types of green manure. Over the next year the manure will act as a ground cover and when the time comes I will turn over the leaves into the soil to breakdown. I’ll write some updates on the manure and the asparagus soon.




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