Chilies and Aphids

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan or aren’t as easy as you think they should be. Today I went to buy myself replacement chili plants because my first 3 have been overwhelmed by aphids for the last few weeks. I have tried washing the plants several times and have even hunted down a lady bird and put it on the leaves in the hope that it would eat all of them. So far these 3 infested chilies have been on my kitchen windowsill, mainly because I’ve been cautious about putting them in the greenhouse in case the aphids take a fancy to everything else growing in there.

Although I feel like I don’t want to give up on my first plants, I don’t want to not have any peppers or chilies later in the year. Trickyyyy.

I’ve picked a couple of sweet peppers and a couple of chilies, which I’ve already potted up and set out on my greenhouse bench. I really hope that aphids don’t come anywhere near these little chilies.



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