Into the Flames

For the last few weeks I’ve been watching my aubergine and peppers in the greenhouse getting bigger and wondering what I’m going to do with them when they are ready. I’ve had loads of ideas so far! Then today we had such nice weather it was the perfect excuse for a BBQ. Usually we would just cook a burger each but today we thought after a day of kayaking in Cambridge we deserved something a bit special. Freshly made vegetable skewers!

What better way to use our fresh veg than to grill them on skewers and enjoy them just feet from where they were picked!

To complete the skewers I popped to the plot and picked a courgette and onion, so everything was amazingly fresh. Then I made a super quick marinade with lemon juice, basil and olive oil and they were good to go.

They were absolutely delicious and I would so recommend trying these, it’s a great way to enjoy fresh veg! It makes a massive change from the usual hot dog and burger for us, I think we’ll be making these every time we have a BBQ from now on!

Emily x

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