Tangled Tomatoes

Sometimes things in the garden don’t go to plan, for example when your tomato frame decides to collapse and your tomato plants end up in massive tangled mass on the floor in front of the greenhouse door! Yep, that just happened to me!

For the last few weeks I’ve been battling against the tomato vines to get into the greenhouse to water. I’m never 100% sure what to do when they get too big for the space, I don’t want to cut them back as that feels like I’m missing out on potential tomatoes. This year I had grown fewer plants in the hope that there would be enough space, but they have unexpectedly grown much bigger than last years crop and have filled the same amount of space, possible more!


I went into the greenhouse this evening with plans to tie the plants back up and salvage as much as I can. Everything was in a bit of a fragile stage, some stems had snapped during the fall and a few of the pots on the bench had been caught up too and were looking a bit sad laying on their sides. Who’d have thought a few tomatoes plants could make such a mess in such a small space??

I do find it difficult to make that decision to cut plants back. I do worry that I will be missing out on potential crops, but I think with plants like this that have become a bit unruly its the best decision for them. The plants should now be able to focus their energy on the remaining fruit instead of struggling to maintain new growth.Β I decided to cut back some of the stems and tie in the remaining ones, hopefully the fruits left on the remaining stems will have a much better chance of ripening…Also I will be able to get in the greenhouse door to water, always helpful!


Happy Monday πŸ™‚

Emily x

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