Pumpkin Carving

This year we’ve had success  growing a pumpkin big enough to carve. The pumpkin plant itself was a late addition to the plot and a bit of a impulse purchase at a garden centre in early summer. We’ve not managed to grow a ‘proper’ pumpkin from seed before and so had written them off, they weren’t included in the blueprint for the plot this year at all, but when we saw the plant for sale we thought we’d give it another shot.

Although my pumpkin had been orange a few weeks ago, when I finally went to collect it it had turned green! Usually if a pumpkin is green it isn’t quite ripe yet so I was little confused. Having done some research to work out if I could pick it I discovered that pumpkins can be all sorts of colours. I might have to see if I can find a different coloured one for next year.

Usually I’d go for a scary face, but this year I thought I’d go for something a bit different. I was inspired by a friends pumpkin and went for something pretty. The holes were made using a chopstick and the insides were scoped out into a bowl for later.

Whilst I was carving a pumpkin Oli couldn’t resist joining in and thought it would be fun to carve a marrow. The results were pretty cool.

Happy Halloween. There will be a post to follow about what I made with the inside of my pumpkin.

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