Yesterday I cleared a raised bed ready to plant my tulip bulbs, I’d been meaning to get round to it for a couple of weeks but it seemed a shame to pull out the marigolds until they were completely spent.


The raised bed had been bursting with flowers for most of the year but I had planted a row of carrots and a row of beetroot along each edge in a last-ditch attempt to grow our own. We’ve really not done well with carrots or beetroot over the years, which we’ve always been quite disappointed about. This year I purchased a couple of trays of seedlings in the hope that we’d be one step closer to getting a few we could actually eat.

Once I’d pulled out the marigolds I was happy to find that I finally had some decent sized beetroot and to make it even better we had a mixture of red and yellow roots (which made up for the fact that we didn’t have a single carrot…again!).




As this is our first crop we’ve got a big decision ahead of us, what to make?? We’re thinking of pickling them ready for Christmas.

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