Spring Bulbs

One of my favourite things to take home from the allotment is a fresh bunch of flowers, they not only brighten the allotment but also add a splash of colour to the kitchen table. So its win win to grow your own!

Last year I missed having a selection of flowers to cut from. Although I had plenty of Daffodils at the beginning of the season, I really felt like I’d missed out on adding more variety to the plot.

This year I ordered myself a few varieties of tulips to add to a new spring bulb bed, I held on to order these until I found a good deal on Crocus.com. My selection included – White Dream, Menton Exotic, Prinses Irene, Couleur Cardinal and lots of Queen of Night.


To avoid missing out again, I got myself down to the plot and set them out in a raised bed which I’m hoping to turn into a cut flower bed, or at the very least a spring bulb bed.



I’ve set the tulip bulbs out in colour order, and in straight lines to make it easier to cut from. In between each row I’ve also replanted some of my daffodil bulbs. This should give me a nice selection for the first few weeks of spring. I’ve also got a few ideas on what else I would like to grow for my homegrown bouquets, which I will be planning over the winter ready for a colourful spring/summer.

Bring on the spring!

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