Freeze Frame

Last weekend we woke to a thick layer of snow! As I stood and looked out of the window at the wonderfully wintry scene a little part of me felt disappointed that I couldn’t go and remove the leaves from my Brussels Sprout plants as planned…am I mad?!

We spent the morning enjoying the snow, but as usual I was unable to keep myself away from the allotment! I was just too curious to see my plot in the snow with all the imperfections and un-dug areas temporarily hidden under a blanket of white, creating a blank canvas.




In the vain hope that I could still tick off Brussels Sprouts from my jobs list, I went straight to where they were planted in the hope that I could manage to remove some of the leaves, unfortunately I couldn’t quite see the sprouts, which were hidden under little snowy mounds! So that job will just have to stay on the list a little longer.


I am looking forward to picking a few handfuls of sprouts for our Christmas celebrations, hopefully I will be able to find them now the snow has melted.

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