Winter Harvests

Winter feels like a time when we need to hibernate and stay wrapped up inside but when you know that there are seasonal harvests waiting for you at the allotment, putting on some layers and heading outside becomes something to look forward to.

This year I’m excited to harvest some Kale! I got off to a bit of a bumpy start with my kale, broccoli and Brussels, as I was a bit lazy when I planted them and didn’t take the time to cover them properly…which I have paid for. I’ve lost a couple of plants to pesky caterpillars and cabbage white fly, which I felt quite disappointed with, especially knowing I could have prevented it. It does however make the handfuls I do collect feel that little bit more special as I am grateful to have some survivors. Sometimes it does feel like everything is against you at the allotment, when the weeds persist and the pest munch through your crops, but the harvests, however small, do make it all worth while!


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