In the Green


A few weeks back I spotted my a couple of lone snowdrops appear in the garden, a couple under my plum tree and a couple under my dogwood. It’s always lovely to see signs of a new season. But I must admit, when I planted my original snowdrop bulbs a few years ago I had visions of snowdrop drifts making their way through the bare winter borders. As has happened so many times in the past, I seriously underestimated how many bulbs I needed to plant to achieve it.

So, when I saw an offer on ‘in the green’ snowdrop bulbs, I knew I needed to get my hands on some!


I ordered a set of 25 bulbs, to plant under my plum tree in a sweep towards the house and patio. They came with instructions to plant immediately, which suited me just fine as I couldn’t do any digging on the allotment this week due to a bad back. So a bit of bulb planting was just what the doctor ordered!  I’m sure I could have planted a lot more, but I thought a small patch would be best to see how it grows next year. Sometimes with gardening it takes a couple of years to slowly add and add until you get the look you want.


I’m already looking forward to seeing these next spring!

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